About Me

I grew up Venezuela, where the beautiful nature first inspired me to grab a camera when I was a teenager.  I also grew up among cameras and photography since my dad is an awesome photographer. I moved to the US to attend graduate school and 19 years later I’m still here and loving it. I’ve lived in four countries and eight different cities in the US. I recently moved to South Florida to be closer to family. I have also traveled to 33 countries. This has given me a broad cultural awareness and respect for diversity and has allow me to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds.
 Although I like to photograph almost everything I like shooting people the most. I like meeting people and document their life, their happiness and their relationships.That’s why I have focused my work on families, children, portraits and weddings. Even my commercial and editorial/documental work is focused people.
I believe photography allows you to back to beautiful moments, relive and keep them forever.
I love traveling, biking, hiking and enjoying any outdoor activities with my husband and three kids.